How Crowfunding Works

Raising the required fund for any cause is the biggest challenge for an individual or a family from the economically weaker section in the human society. Moreover, a good percentage of the people in India falls in the middle class category and lives below poverty line.

Any unexpected uncertainty or serious medical problem like blood cancer, liver transplant, heart transplant, kidney problem, and other makes a family helpless. Affording the heavy treatment cost of such medical problems is not within the reach of a poor family.

In order to help such needy and economically backward people, Garner Help has created a hundred percent dependable platform with the help of which we make all the efforts to make sure the required amount of financial aid is raised through the process of crowdfunding.

Millions of people across the globe have already taken the advantage of such Crowdfunding facilitated by a few of the companies. Under the successful leadership of our managing director, a team of highly experienced professional strive round the clock to ensure the needy people who approaches us to overcome their problem of fund receives the expected financial aid through Crowdfunding at Garner Help in India.
Our prime objective is to bring back the lost smile back on the faces of the families worried for the medical treatment of their loving family members or to fulfill the need of other financial problem.

Garner Help is one of the most promising Fund Raising Platforms you can trust in the country.


We help you raise funds for varied unavoidable causes. We at Garner Help support all the medical treatment needs, personal financial need, innovative ideas, projects for social cause, and more. You can consider us for any good humanitarian cause.

Advantages with Garner Help

  • Transparent and Prompt Services

We believe in maintain transparency and prompt response. We value your time and the importance of your urgency related to raising of the essential funds at Garner Help.


  • 24/7 Support

At Garner Help, you are assured of 24×7 support services. Fore your assistance, we have facilitated dedicated helpline number, e-mail address, WhatsApp number, SMS, Chat, and more.


  • Payout of Fund Raised

The raised fund is your money which you can withdraw in your own bank account at any point of time during your fundraiser program.


  • International Payment Support

We have dedicated payment gateway. We have facilitated the various modes of payments using the completely security system. Moreover, we accept donations/payments in multiple currencies.


  • Web Alert App


We have developed personalized Web App to keep you updated on your fundraiser progress and collected amount. We send you alert using e-mail, SMS, etc. to provide you real-time information.


  • Promotional Support

We market and do online and offline promotional activities for your fundraiser campaign free of cost.


  • Multiple Sources for Same Fundraiser

We employ multiple team members for your single fundraiser to speed up the process of crowdfunding for your cause.


  • Transfer of Raised Amount

You can get your raised funds transferred in your personal account after the payment of processing and transactional fee.